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In such patients the metabolism of imuran may be impaired, and the dosage of imuran should therefore be reduced if hepatic or haematological toxicity occurs.

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Long-term use may raise your chance of cancerLymphoma and other cancers have happened in people who take Imuranazathioprine tabletsor drugs like itThis has been deadly in some casesTalk with the doctorA rare type of cancer called hepatosplenic T-cell lymphomaHSTCLhas happened with Imuranazathioprine tabletsThese cases have been deadlyMost of the timethese cases happened in teenagers or young adultsMost of these patients were using Imuranazathioprine tabletsto treat certain types of bowel problems like Crohn disease and ulcerative colitisThis medicine is not approved for use to treat bowel problems like theseTell the doctor if you have ever had any type of cancerTalk with the doctor.

Alterations in specific immune responses or immunologic functions in transplant recipients are difficult to relate specifically to immunosuppression by azathioprineThese patients have subnormal responses to vaccineslow numbers of T-cellsand abnormal phagocytosis by peripheral blood cellsbut their mitogenic responsesserum immunoglobulinsand secondary antibody responses are usually normal.

Your white blood cell count and your weight will determine the dose that is prescribedThe starting dose is low and is slowly increasedImuran is generally taken once or twice a dayIt is available in 50 mgtabletswhich may be easily broken in half if necessary.

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